Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011

Only me *random!

Called : Yelly.

Favorite : Jesus Christ, Mamah, The Beatles, Halls, Converse, Flannel, Rosary, Hat/Bannie, Film, Night, Wind, Cussons *pure love and "W".                                  

What do you do if you're bored : Coret-coret, absolutely listening to The Beatles and random kind of music, Pray.

Hair  : Shinny Black 
Eyes : Dark Brown
Lips  : Pale

Do you have a crush on someone? : Yeah.
With Who? : No comment!
Describe about him : Sometimes no words can describe how someone makes you feel.  

Last person you talked to : Thomas Caroluse *my little bro
Last person you texted : Sharon Kandou
Last movie you watched : Sherlock Holmes, Djakarta Theater, Saturday 2 January 2009.
Last person you watched a movie with : him.
Last song you listened to : You Really got a Hold on Me -The Beatles
Last thing you bought : Hansaplast
Last person you hugged : Andriana Novia Sinaga 

Food : Candy, Ice Cream, Cookies, Biscuit.
Drinks : Mineral! 
Clothing : Jeans and Flannel
Flower : Wine Roses
Colors : Black and White
Subjects : Art, English, Sociology, Civic and absolutely History!!
Kissed someone : ?
Had your heart broken : Ergh!!
Done something you've regretted : Yeah, when i blame him on my project. 
Hid a secret : I think yes.
Pretended to be happy : Sometimes when i got a problem and i don't wanna someone to know.
Met someone who changed your life : Yess ;)
Pretended to be sick : No, for what?
Got into an argument with your friend : Yeah.

Want to get married? : Absolutely.
Want kids? : Yeah, 3 or 4, umm but i will discuss with my husband ;)
Careers in mind : Secret agent. HAHA!

Lost glasses/contacts : I often lose my glasses in my class.
Ran away from home : Haven't try.
Held a gun/knife for self defense : My plan will bring a penknife.
Killed somebody : Haven't.
Broken someone's heart : Wow, i don't really know.
Cried when someone died :My Mamah and my best friend Crytaline Ribka
Is there one person you want to be with right now? : Yeah, i miss my mother, Kaka, and i miss MyBest.
Do you believe in God : He hold my hand, and never let me go ;D

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